Tuesday, November 06, 2018

It's Okay, Sweetheart - Abby Dobson (Review)

You might remember Abby Dobson as the singer from the 90s band Leonardo's Bride or more recently from the duo Baby et Lulu (a duo with Lara Goodridge who sang a combination of standards and original songs in French). More recently she's being putting out her own albums as a solo artist, and last month released her second album (her first was released in 2007, and definitely worth a spin or three) as a solo artist 'It's Okay, Sweetheart'. Sweetheart, its more than okay.  It's just a beautiful album. Abby has a majestic voice. and is a wonderful song writer. My favourite tracks so far - Give me Love, What if?, and Everything is Gonna Be Alright.  It's definitely one of my favourite albums for the year, and worth checking out.

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