Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 in review - music

Speaking about music the second half of the year has been characterised by rediscovering bands and songs I listened to while I was at school and university. Even better, I was able to see a few of these bands live (Bon Jovi and Def Leppard) and strangely enough some others also toured that I wasn’t able to get to (Living Color, Dream Theater, Mr Big and Extreme). I also created another few playlists of some essential songs and other rediscoveries

Brief aside, great to see Def Leppard will be inducted into the hall of fame. They totally deserve it. 

The four CDs which really stood our were Christa Wellls (Velveteen); Andrew Osenga (The Painted Desert), Abby Dobson (It’s Okay Sweetheart) and Andrew Peterson (The Resurrection Letter - Prologue).  Those four are the ones I remember, and that have stayed with me throughout the year.

I just love Abby as a lyricist, and the music just adds to the picture.

Andrew Peterson is a fabulous lyricist and his wonderfully apt for the season of lent. The song featuring all the last sayings of Christ was just amazing to listen to. 

Andrew Osenga has delivered other great meaty record. With lots of deep songs which are also very easy to listen too. 

Finally, Christa Well’s Velveteen. Very seldom an album come along that speaks the words of yor heart. Velveteen does just that. Highlighting the thoughts that are running around in my head. Two songs in particular – One Day and Velveteen

It is so tempting to fly to Nashville to hear both Andrew's and Christa. They're just wonderful musicians. 

Not sure what is coming music wise – apparently there are rumours of U2 touring Asia and Australia during late 2019. I don’t know the source, but I’m be sceptical until it is announced.  CD wise, apparently Bruce Springsteen has new music coming out. If that is true, I’m pretty excited. I've been enjoying listening to a recording of the Springsteen on Broadway show (a combination of great songs and great story-telling). The other album which is building up the plays is the recording of Coldplay's South American shows. 

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