Saturday, December 01, 2018

What I've been into November ...

It is hard to believe that I am now pondering my post on what I was up to in November. First things first, I spent a lot less time in Emergency, but still managed to get a few books read, lots of music heard, and some TV seen.

So, I will start with books I’ve read. The main books I’ve read are Jelena Dokic’s Unbreakable and Dr Tom Wu’s book about nutrition and cancer. 

Dr Wu's book has prompted me to go and make an appointment with a dietitian, and just have a general check in. Partly I was prompted to visit because my appetite is all over the shop, and I wanted tips to manage that, and supplement drinks. At the moment, there are days were I just don't have any appetite and need to battle through for the kids. 

Unbreakable is a heartbreaking book about former Australian Tennis star Jelena Dokic. Who I’ve often felt failed to live up to her potential as a player owing to her family experience. I do remember the rumours about what was going on, so it is hard to read the detail of the abuse, his manipulation and the powerlessness she and her mother & brother felt in being unable to move.

Next up is Hilary Clinton’s Hard Choices, and a few other books I was given for my birthday (A collection of letters written to Barack Obama, Meredith Lake's social and cultural history of the bible in Australia, and Pete Sampras' autobiography. I’m working on making sure I have time for reading amongst other energy conversation strategies.


Onto music. I have been spending a lot of the last month revisiting a few bands from the 1990s that I missed from my previous ‘Rediscoveries’ playlists, and I also added some new songs from artists I’d included in my first list. 

I’m also still working on an Australia & NZ playlist. I'm lacking a few more famous New Zealand songs.

The other music on heavy rotation now are Abby Dobson’s Its Okay Sweetheart, Rachel Wihliem's (Songs of Lament). I was caught by surprised when I discovered Brooke Fraser has an album of ‘ b-sides’ out this month too, which sounds interesting – I’m familiar with some of the songs but not all of them.

I'm planning to take some time and give Muse’s latest album a few spins. 

I have also been revisiting some of U2’s live performances during the Experience and Innocence tour – have a look at some videos here. We will have to see what other music comes out – whether there are any surprise Christmas EPs or the like. 

On the the cards is compiling a Christmas Carols and Songs playlists as well as start thinking about my favourite music for the year.  

The other big highlight from November was seeing Def Leppard live. Just a phenomenal band and awesome to hear live. Was awesome the hear them play the whole of Hysteria, and they did a very tasteful tribute to their former guitarist Stephen Clarke.  Really hope that they are back soon. I'd certainly love to see them again. 


Onto TV – haven’t really done that well this month – we watched a UK program on Autism which was interesting. I am still working on Suits but have not really got back into it since I’ve been out of hospital, so will try and make a start in the next few weeks. 

And on a crossover with music - I recently bought a Collection of Performances by R.E.M. on MTV (On DVD). It reminded me how great their unplugged series was and how I'd really love to see U2 do an unplugged session - they could film it at the Sydney Opera House, and have a Symphony Orchestra backing them - would be amazing.

I'm also very keen to go and see the Bohemian Rhapsody film on Freddie Mercury, so I might try and do that in the next week or so.

Anyway that's it for November - shortly I might start writing my year in review posts.  I'll also share more about my health shortly. 

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