Sunday, May 18, 2008

.. Short Bites ...

:: Reclaiming evangelicalism

A ground-breaking (or perhaps not) manifesto, recently published by leading Protestants, urges US evangelicals to abandon involvement in partisan politics.

:: SMS from Kevin07?: Advice by Text Msg

Your partner in life is having an affair. Your children ignore you. The last time you went to a parents' evening, your son's teacher had difficulty remembering who he was. Your friends have discovered that misery can be catching and avoid your company. Your cat looks at you with undisguised contempt.
But all is not lost. Soon you will be able to send a text to Ed Balls, the Government's secretary of state for relationships, and expect an instant hi-tech response from a caring agency. There, on the little screen of your mobile, will be advice about sex, marriage or parenting. "eat fmly meals 2gether + no nagging bout hmewrk!", it might say, or "Sx isnt everything! Humours gr8 bt NOT whn shes undrssing!!"...

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