Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lessons in losing

Here's another great article about the value of losing, from the point of view of a parent.
[We] tend to frame things in terms of contests and wars that must be won or lost. Many challenges, however, are about hanging in there and managing a bad situation.

Losing prepares you for the slog that is life. The world doesn’t give us many finish lines, but it does give us the long run. Let other parents scream and curse at the opposing team, and berate their own kids over their performance. I’m just glad that Sammy was in the game.

He didn’t always win. But he’s a winner.
As for me - I haven't been involved in a team which won everything - but I valued the opportunity to get out there contribute (win or lose) and have fun with the teammates.

(Also on 'losing' - here's a great article here about rejection letters, from the Kenyon review)

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