Thursday, January 01, 2009


I was thinking about how to sum up 2008 this morning the word I thought of was hope. 
Beginning with Kevin Rudd apologising to the Aboriginals. I'm not really getting into the politics of the decision, but there was a feeling that there might be a fresh start and a new page. I put Obama in the same boat too. The manner in which he engaged people in politcial debate was great to see. Palin too, whether you agree with her politics, also engaged some American's. Obama's calmness as he spoke about the economic crisis and spoke to the American people was great it see. He seemed like a natural leader as he spoke about Race, and Fatherhood. and I will be very interested to follow His presidency. (On another angle see this editorial in the Australian yesterday).
I enjoyed this look over what happenned through 2008. 

2009, well it will be an interesting year, there are a few changes in the air at church, with the number of services, changes in staff, and we are also working towards our new building, (which from the plans at least looks great).  Its going to be a great ride, and I have confident that through these events God is refining us, and teaching us to be sufficient on Him alone.

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