Thursday, July 29, 2010

on the poll

Interesting piece by CPX's Director John Dickson in the SMH on the Christian vote, here's a four key points:
  • First, a Christian vote is a vote for others. It is basic to the Christian outlook that life is to be devoted to the good of others before ourselves.
  • Second, the moral health of our community will provide another motivation for the Christian vote.
  • Third, Christians will think of promoting the Christian message.
  • Finally, Christians will mainly have in mind the poor and powerless.
I also found this point interesting: Christians should be willing to change voting patterns after Christian reflection on particular policies. A believer who cannot imagine voting for the ''other side'' has either determined that only one party aligns with the will of God or, more likely, is more attached to their cultural context than to the wisdom of scripture.

Will be interesting to see what debate this stirs in tomorrows paper.


Wednesday's paper had a great piece on 15 questions which won't be addressed by the election ... well worth a read.

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