Monday, April 09, 2012

Sport in brief

Haven't written too much recently, but now that we are two rounds in the AFL Season, a few reflections:

  • Round 1 was a fantastic advertisement for the game; and though I didn't see it, today's game also was a corker.
  • It will be a tough year for GWS & Gold Coast. They both may win games, but it will be a few years more before they challenge for the Top 8. Comparing the game between Hawthorn and Geelong today & the games the Giants and Suns played yesterday highlights that point.
  • I'm not changing my allegiances to GWS but I'm glad we have a second team in Sydney.  So I do hope they go alright this year & into the future. Sheedy is a great asset there.
  • So far so good for the Swans, though I'm a little bit concerned they don't seem to be able to put teams away. 
Three other points:
  • I'm enjoying the performances of the Hurricanes so far this year. They are an unpredictable team, but so far, so good. 
  • And on the NRL, I'm not sure where last years Warrior's went, but hope they show up soon. 
  • Good luck to the Breakers too, attempting to go back-to-back in the Basketball Finals.

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