Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Voice Season Two

My love of music has been recently pushed in another direction, and I have to admit, that a guilty pleasure of mine is The Voice. The format is what made me give the show a chance, the idea of the 'blind auditions'; that is the singers sing to the backs of four chairs with the aim of turning (at least) one of them. Stage two was the battle rounds where two singers from the same team sing the same song with one going through. (In a twist for Season Two, the singer who loses the battle can be saved by another coach).

For me, the battle rounds was one of the highlights of the show - this year, everyone is talking about the Steve Clisby battle with Mitchell Anderson (singing - Walking in Memphis), and last year it was (for me) the battle between Kelsie Rimmer & Brittany Cairns (singing - Turning Tables). What I loved about both of those, is that the really sounded more like duets and two singers competing.

Season Two is also going be remember for Abby Dobson (lead singer of Leonardo's Bride & a member of Baby et Lulu). You can read her take on the experience her facebook page. It's worth reading. As is Harry Connick Jnr's take on American Idol contestants singing the 'Great American Songbook'

My other favourites so far, not surprisingly a number of them sang songs I love, Tim Morrison (Sunday Bloody Sunday U2, which I reckon would be a risk, because its a big song, by a popular artist); Nicholas Roy (Falling Slowly, Glen Hansard), Imogen Brough (Never Let Me Go, Florence & the Machine) and  Jac Stone (Watch over Me, Bernard Fanning).

A few others to watch: Emma Pask, Luke Kennedy, Harrison Craig. (Was also sad to see Sophie Phillis go..

Anyway, the hope I have, is that many of these artists who are eliminated, will keep making music, and follow their dreams.

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