Tuesday, October 14, 2014

X-Factor 2014 - review...

I have  been meaning to post this for a while, but now we've got to the Grand Final, I realised I should post about the show. 

This isn't really news to anyone, but its not a music show. First and foremost it is a popularity content, with the added bonus of singing.  

The three acts competing in the final are Marlisa, Dean Ray & Brothers 3. In my opinion (and the i-tunes sales) Dean Ray should win next week.  But given it is decided by a public vote, I won't be surprised if Brothers 3 win. Would be intrigued to see how the rankings would have changed if i-tunes sales were included. 

Reigan Derry, was my favourite in the show, and while I am sad to see her out. I will be buying her album when it comes out (hopefully soon). Have a listen to her original 'Ink on Skin' here.  

My favourite performances from the show were: Reigan's performances of 'Hallelujah'; 'Creep' and 'Burn for You' and Dean Ray's performances of 'Hurt', 'Reckless' and 'Mr Brightside. 

Here's the video of Hallelujah. 

Will still watch the final to see how it all ends. :) 

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