Monday, April 27, 2015

Footy recap...

Two games of major ebbs and flows with Hawhorn coming back from 50 plus points down to lose by eight. The Swans trailed by 48 before losing by 14. Would have been an 'injustice' if the Swans & Hawks got up...

Four games in, here's a few notes:
With the Suns losing their four games against St Kilda, Geelong, GWS and Melbourne, to start the season, you feel they need a major turn around to say they will make the eight.  The Giants on the other hand have shown more promise but I'm not including them in my top eight yet.

Adelaide are the surprise packets so far, win their game today, and they will join Fremantle as the undefeated teams.

Geelong, will make the eight, but they are on their way down, their two losses have been against Fremantle and Hawthorn (who I still think will finish in the top four), so now disgrace.  Port Adelaide are where you'd expect them to be 2-2.

Shouldn't read to much into things mind you, I think the last time Sydney won the competition they were 1-3 or 1-4.

A surprise leader in Brisbane, but hard to not be impressed by how they've started the season.  Surprised with Souths at the moment (but they do have to adjust to being the hunted, rather than hunter...)

After three games, the Cowboys were 0-3, and now they're sitting fourth, so its dangerous to write teams off....

The Warriors haven't adjusted to life without Tomkins and do seem a little one-dimensional...  though they've had a few close losses which could have gone either way, still think they will scrap into the eight.

Test match...
The Kiwi's will compete well on Friday, but I just don't see them winning. Their record in the mid season test is not so good.

Super Rugby
The Waratahs are building some momentum now, and building their title defense.  The Hurricanes were back in the winners list. They've got a few tough games to come..  but the joy of sport is that you can be optimistic about how your team will go. :)

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