Friday, June 19, 2015

U2 - Innocence & Experience 2015

In case you missed it, U2 are about half-way through the first leg of their Innocence and Experience tour. One of the striking things is how much technology has changed. Fans (and the Band), are streaming every concert via periscope or meerkat. Now you are able to experience the show from your computer on the other side of the world. It's a long way for waiting for an email with the setlist like during the PopMart tour.

So far, the band is in brilliant form, not only have the songs translated beautifully to the stage, the first act, is beautifully constructed play about innocence broken, from the sounds that inspired the band, to their friends, family, and country.

The most powerful segment of the show is the transition from Sunday Bloody Sunday-Raised by Wolves-Until the End of the World. Where you feel you living through the bombing in Dublin. I can only imagine would it would sound like at the arena.  

I can't complain about the set-lists. There is certainly enough variety to make you come back each night, and a few surprises. Ordinary Love and Lucifer's Hands were the most surprising.

I feel that there will be a few more surprises in their eight night stint in New York.  (A 'reversed' show like Osaka in 1989 would be awesome!)

The downside is, I have a suspicion that this tour will be like the Elevation tour and not come down-under.  I truly hope I'm wrong, because if it sounds and looks this good watching online...

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