Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Taking some stock of where we're at in the 2016 Football Season.


  • Think that there's now 10 teams that can make the eight. I'm willing to draw a line through everyone from the Gold Coast down.  
  • Happy with how the Swans have been going. Playing a bogey team this weekend (Richmond), but the team is going along nicely. Heeney and Lapley have been impressive, and its good to see Franklin back out there 
  • Great to see how well Melbourne has been going this year.
  • Ditto with GWS - a couple of big wins has everyone excited, while I suspect they will play finals, I'm not yet convinced.
Rugby League:
  • Top four looks fairly settled, and to be honest I don't think any one else has the consistency to win the Premiership.  I'd be putting Brisbane as slight favourites over the Cowboys, with the Sharks as the dark-horse.  The Sharks wins against Brisbane and Penrith were impressive. 
  • Disappointed in the result of the test, but not the Kiwi's performance. 
  • The Kiwi-Ferns had an impressive win against the Jillaroos. It was a good game to watch. 
Super Rugby:
  • The NZ teams have been doing well, I'm interested to see the All Blacks team to play Wales given the retirements after last year's World Cup.  
  • The Hurricanes have gone back to their old inconsistent ways this year.  Though they might just sneak into the finals, but not sure they deserve too. 

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