Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Coldplay - review

There are only a few bands that can really pull off a stadium show. Where the music, performance and staging combine to reduce the size of the arena and bring the audience together, and break down the barrier between performer and audience. U2 are one and attending Coldplay's December show last year confirmed that they belong in this category.

The first thing I noticed was Chris Martin's energy, he ran and jumped onto the stage, and didn't stop running for about two hours.  Everyone who attended the show was given a wristband, which was illuminated in different colours at different points of the show, which just looked awesome. The other highlight was the balloons which were released during Adventure of a Lifetime.

Setlist, December 13, 2016
O mio babbino caro (Intro) / A Head Full of Dreams / Yellow / Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall / The Scientist / Birds / Paradise (with Tiësto remix outro) / Always in My Head / Princess of China / Everglow / Clocks / Midnight / Charlie Brown / Hymn for the Weekend / Fix You / Heroes / Viva la Vida / Adventure of a Lifetime / Kaleidoscope (tape) / In My Place / Green Eyes / A Sky Full of Stars /  Up&Up / Christmas Lights.

It was hard to be disappointed with their setlist. They played all my favourites, and a few surprises including 'Christmas Lights' (their Christmas song). They also snippeted John Farnham's You're the Voice at a couple of points during the show. have been together for 20 years now, and it shows in the chemistry they have.

The music and positive energy really filled the stadium and created an electric atmosphere, which I doubt would have been replicated at Homebush.

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