Monday, June 09, 2008

On the US Primaries

:: Hillary's concession speech, is well worth the read. Here's another few pieces about the significance of Hilary's campaign, and what her concession means to some. And Clinton's response:
"To those who are disappointed that we couldn't go all of the way, especially the young people who put so much into this campaign, it would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours. [...]

Although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it..."
:: Obama's speech after clinching the nomination. Its the language of optimism, idealism, and hope that Obama represents which is so attractive to many in the US, and abroad.

# One piece on the polls, suggesting Clinton beats McCain; and McCain beats Obama although here's another one suggesting that Obama might win.

One things for sure it is going to fun to watch.

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