Friday, December 05, 2008

Australian of the Year

So, I am not sure who the other nominations are, but I think Glen McGrath would be close to a 'safe' bet for Australian of the Year. Glen McGrath, AM was announced as the award recipient for New South Wales, and therefore a nominee for the national award -- we'll see though.


  1. Hmm, thought I left a comment and it's not here. Anyway, was just going to make a request that you change your site feed settings so that we can read the whole post in readers. If you have deliberately set it up this was, then fine, but if not I'd love to read more than the tantalising first two sentences :).
    Apologies for not mailing your CD back sooner too. Will do it this week.

  2. I think i've amended that - let me know (it wasn't set that way intentionally). No worries about the CD - glad you've been enjoying it :)