Monday, May 04, 2009


So, one of the things I was thinking about over the Christmas break (hard to believe that is now five months ago) was trying to spend time reading more. Recently I've spendind time reading a collection of articles by Matt Price (Top Price). Matt Price's column was one of the highlights of the Australian. Unfortunately not all of them are available online (See here). Sadly he passed away in November 2007, the column covered a range of ground from the fortunes of his beloved AFL team (the Fremantle Dockers), to music and the political life in Canberra. Its a great book, because theres articles about everything...  one which reasonated with me was about Matt Price's love of the physical CDs (as opposed to a small mental device with 10,000 or so songs, and were random means going to the shelf, and picking up 5 CDs). It really would have been interesting hearing Matt's take on Rudd as PM.

A few other Australian columinsts I like. I really enjoy reading is Richard Glover in the SMH. Again, Glover writes about a range of topics, and the one this weekend was about the 'guilt industry'.  Another classic was this one about his listeners who would call back to correct his grammar.

On the sports pages Richard Hinds and Peter Fitzsimons are often great reading, and I enjoyed both on Saturday. Hinds writing about the war of the football codes for love in Western Sydney. Fitzsimons wrote about the ANZAC Day AFL clash between Essendon and Collingwood (thankfully won by the Bombers - there's some of a sports fans apparently irrational hatred).

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