Saturday, May 16, 2009

On losing

I watched the NRLgame last night between the Bulldogs and Dragons. It was quite a good game to watch, it ebbed and flowed nicely, but in the end the Dragons (who probably should have had the game sown up at halftime) just held on - with a try disallowed on full-time to the Bulldogs which would have reversed the result. It was interesting comparing the players reaction on the field with that of the Chelsea players at the end of their Champions League semi final (I can't imagine keeping my composure to the same degree as the Bulldog player).

The bizzare decision last night (since declared incorrect), reinforces the thought to me that we don't need video referees. We can just leave those on the ground to make the call, and live with the human element of sport, that people can make mistakes.

Perhaps its not suprising that the most common reason given for losing on the weekend is "it was the ref / umpire's fault". I know, I've used it, or screamed at the television. For this reason it was refreshing to see that the Bulldogs player just said he was baffled by the call and didn't go into a tirade like Drogba after Chelsea's loss. It recalled to my mind the oft made comment of players being heroes-come-role models. Kids often model themsevles on, or seek to imitate their heroes. They may not call them role models but there certainly is a degree of influence. It seems to me that a role-model is something you are made by someone else, not something you can chose to, or chose not to be. For this reason outbursts like Drogba and Ballack's during Chesleas loss (regardless of whether they are justifiably agreived) are to be dealt with harshly. Because who would want to umpire junior football and be subjected to that sort of disrespect from the kids (and perhaps the parents). And without umpires at this level, we don't really have a game.

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