Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Expectations?

I found the piece in answering the question do we expect to much from our leaders a great reminder about why how we act matters
If the people who govern us set a fine example then it must help the rest of us. If we see and hear examples of our leaders behaving well despite temptations to do otherwise then it should encourage us all. We'll never have a society free of crime and dishonesty and petty cheating, but we can have one in which the norm is truthful and honest, and in which most ordinary people feel that they are letting themselves and everyone else down if they avoid a train fare, leave out some earnings on their tax return, or exaggerate their insurance claims. Such a society would be much better than one in which everyone is trying to get round the rules when they can and seek maximum personal gain at every opportunity.

This motivates whom I vote for. I want the chance to vote for people who will provide that moral leadership, who will work for a country in which honesty prevails over cheating and will not only govern the rest of us, but will infect us with the idea that behaving honestly is the norm and we should all be doing it. Will there be any such people to vote for next time around? I hope so.
In our growth group at church we've just started reading Paul's leter to Titus where he tells Titus to look for character in those who we lead, as its in actions that words are given context.


I also like this piece - Sad? Watch TV

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