Sunday, June 21, 2009

The holiday feeling..

I enjoyed reading this article offering some tips about extending the holiday feeling. I know reentry can be difficult, but here's a few tips to help.

1. Start with a virtual vacation.
Explore the place you are going to online, and build some anticipation.

2. Wash the dishes before you leave. Make the bed. Close the drawers and closet.
You'll be more able to hold onto the holiday feeling if you come hope to a, moderately, clean home.

3. Leave your bad habits behind.
4. Leave your bad habits behind, part two.
Or basically, a vacation isn't just an escape from a place, it's a chance to escape from your routine.

5. Try something new on vacation. Or something old that feels new.

6. Sleep.

7. When you and your dirty clothes get home, hang on to your best
vacation habits for at least a day or two.
This is one that I think I should work on, while you are holiday you are often on a different rountine, and you're able to do different things. One of the things that I was keen to do after we got back from
Japan last year, was to spend more time reading, and I've more or less done that (so far).

8. Be wary of souvenirs.

9. Don't forget that the place you live is also a vacation destination.
I like the idea of being a tourist in your own city. Explore parts you have't been to, or haven't been too for a while

10. Resume your virtual vacation.
Great idea to go back to the website, and rekindle the holiday buzz.

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