Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's a strange world

It was quite intriguing over the past few weeks to read how the British backpacker may well have "faked" his survival story. The Herald yesterday had a great piece by Richard Glover about cynicism in the Specturm. Perhaps unsurpsingly I find it quite easy to agree with him, I think its really sad that its so easy to be cynical, and perhaps there is a price we pay for this.
"And cynicism exacts a terrible cost- in terms of cruelty towards the people we accuse; in terms of our own sense of the world and its possibilities [...] But bleakness pessimism and cynicism create a worldview just as limited, just as one-note, as the naive optimism they were said to challenge... Its just flipside Disney ... How do you change the world for the better if you assume the worst about everything and everybody? And why are trust and optimism the worst crimes of them all."
As for me, I know which way I'd rather fall: I'm a naive optimist.

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