Friday, February 26, 2010


 I read this interesting article about art in Australia. It does't really seem surprising that people may have a range of tastes. One of the points that reasonated with me is the quote by Catherine Lumby.

"Television, particularly interactive forms like reality TV, are the Shakespearean drama of our time," she says. "That's not saying that Big Brother housemates speak in soliloquies, they don't. But in the broader sense, it has the same appeal of the theatre and human drama. She says the blurring of the lines between high art and low rent has been particularly strong in the virtual world. Video-sharing sites such as YouTube give anyone the opportunity and the power to produce their own works of art, she says.

That every can write; or produce content is great... and that content can be seen by so many people is great too -- without the internet I would not have found much out about Paul Potts and Susan Boyle (and yes there is negatives there too). Perhaps thats the beauty of art, its a matter of taste, there's something for everyone.

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