Saturday, October 16, 2010

turning the page

We visited the library last weekend, and a got a few books to keep me going. I borrowed Nice Work by Jana Wendt.  For the book Jana interviewed a series of people about the work they do, including a Catholic Priest, a boxer, a forensic scientist, the CEO of a major cruise company, volunteers (at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum), and a few others. Its a fascinating account of how people think about the work they do. [read more], next in the list is another of Malcolm Gladwell's books The Outliers, which sounds fascinating.
While we were in library I placed holds on Half the Sky (read more here), and Committed, (the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love) -  , which also sounds quite interesting.  Speaking about Eat, Pray, Love, I saw the film last weekend, it was beautifully shot (in Italy, India, and Indonesia). It was quite an enjoyable film, and at the same time it did have a message in it too. 

Hope to go and see The Social Network next... 

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