Thursday, July 14, 2011


Found a collection of Short Stories celebrating the Declaration of Human Rights (Published by Amnesty International), in the local library, and have been reading it on my way into work over the past few weeks.

Like most collections, its a little bit uneven, but the premise is fantastic, give each author one of the Rights as a base or inspiration for their short story. The collection is quite eclectic due to the diversity of the authors.  You can't help be moved be the stories, as its clear they illuminate the lives of millions. But i think its a great way to get people to look beyond the words of the Declaration as they are illuminated, illustrated, and expanded through the stories.

One paragraph that struck me today was an answer to a question posed about what Education means and the character's response really struck me:

Education, whether brief, or just memories of it, creates the anchors that prevent us from losing our humanity completely, as a society and as individuals .... Education is the most powerful medicine that cures violence. It strengthens the mind to resist violence, to transform the elements of violence, which are fear and loss of self. Of course, one has to have some basic understanding of reality. In general, education can reawaken the mind and spirit after it has been broken.  Ishmael Beah - ABC Antidote

There's more about the anthology here and here.

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