Friday, July 01, 2011

Sideshow - Lindsay Tanner

Just finished reading Lindsay Tanner's book Sideshow; about the relationship between journalists politicians and the rest of us. To sum up, I don't think that there's anything much in the book that will surprise anyone given then 2010 election campaign; which could be summed up as spin, slogans without substance, remember "moving forward to stop the boats and end the waste".

 Tanner doesn't blame the journalists or absolve the politicians and does also point the finger at us. There is definitely something that resonates when he suggests that facts and figures aren't really the most effective for changing peoples opinions,instead arguments which hit on the emotions are going to be more effective. The book is worth a read if you're keen to explore the relationship between media and politics. We are crying out for politicians who will lead with ideas, not follow the polls or focus groups.

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