Saturday, June 04, 2011

Five books which changed me

One of the meme's doing the rounds is the five books which changed you...

(1) The Bible,  I guess in some ways this is a given, but it is hard to overstate the impact this book has had, and is having, on my life.

(2) Knowing God - J. Packer, One of the first Christian books I read which has really helped me as I have sought to know God better. There is so much depth to what Packer has written, that there is always more to learn.

(3) Les Miserables - Victor Hugo  - I've always loved how the musical brought the story (and characters) to life. But the book, is the inspiration behind the musical,

(4) Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card, Easily the most enjoyable science fiction book I've read, And actually the whole series of books is enjoyable (and thought provoking reading)

(5) And perhaps the series of books which was one of the first books I recall reading, and perhaps gave me the love of reading are Williard Price's series of Adventure books. These books brought a sense of wonder in the natural world. Hard to pick favourites, but the ones I remember the most were Volcano Adventure and Amazon Adventure.

It so great having a great library nearby, as it is enabling me to pick and read books which I may not have read if I needed to pay for them.

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