Friday, September 14, 2012

Top TV Shows of the last 25 years

I blogged about this a while ago, but when I caught this article in yesterday's SMH about the top shows of the last 25 years I thought I would look over the list and update it.  Its fairly tough, but I think I'd settle on these. The only one that I think won't change is The West Wing. For me it is miles ahead of the rest.. 

5. Homeland
I really liked the premise of the show (perhaps believable).  The second season will be the real test. However Season Two goes, I'm very intrigued to see the Israeli show it was based on.

4.  Downton Abbey
A great period drama, and I have really got into the characters. The producers haven't been too ambitious with each series (around 7 episodes long). Season Three looks like it could be interesting.

3. Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds is probably my favourite crime show.  One that really does highlight the depths of our potential depravity, it scares me every now and then, but the way the profilers are able to piece together the story amazes me.

2 Picket Fences
I have included this, but I have not been able to locate a copy of the series to buy on DVD. Would love to though, again it dealt with real meaty issues well.

1. The West Wing
Hands down the best written show I have watched on television.  One of the few shows which has regularly dealt with meaty issues. Their episode relating with 9/11 dealt with a touchy topic sensitively. The show is one of the more even shows I have seen across all seven seasons. I do regularly wonder where these characters have got to.  Very easy to watch again & again.

On the articles list, I haven't seen Mad Men. Anyone who has seen it - would you put it at number 1? 

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