Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Music ..

On the Noisetrade website I saw this post were Lisa listed her fav five Noisetrade artists and albums for 2012. 
Here's my list - the top album based on my plays during the year is Matthew Perryman Jones' Land of the Living. It is just a wonderfully rich album, both in terms of the words and music. This post; goes through the album a touch better than I could. My favourite songs are O, Theo, Sleeping With A Stranger and the title track Land of the Living.

Other artists which I discovered through Noisetrade this year were Kyler England, Cassie, Chasing Summer, Derek Webb (of Caedman's Call), JJ Heller, Eine Blaume. Not to mention the great new music from Sleeping at Last, Lara Landon, All Sons and Daughters and Jenny & Tyler.

But the top five of these along with Matthew Perryman Jones, would be - Eine Blaume, JJ Heller, Cassie, and Kyler England.

Through Nosietrade, I have developed a love of Nashville, which is not just the home of country music but also now the home of indie music in the US. So, if you're keen to get some new music, I'f recommend the Nashville Indie Spotlight album now available on i-tunes. Some of the artists included are Matthew Perryman Jones, Lara Landon, Katie Herzig and The Vespers.

So, on to the top five albums for 2012 ... It has been harder in most years to seperate these five out. Each stand out for different reasons, and each have been on heavy rotation through out the year. In terms of yrics then the Jenny & Tyler and Lara Landon albums would be slightly ahead. In terms of the music, I would pick Andrew Osenga, Matthew Perryman Jones or Glen Hansard.  
But, combining these, and needing to make a pick a number 1 - I'd give the album of the year to Matthew Perryman Jones. (by a nose from - Lara Landon (2),  Glen Hansard (3), Andrew Osenga (4) and Jenny & Tyler (5).

I'm intending to write another year in review type post shortly..


  1. Thanks for mentioning/linking to my blog series about MPJ's Land of the Living!
    It's easy to miss out on really good stuff on NoiseTrade just because of the sheer volume of what's available. Since we agree on #1, I'll have to make sure I check out your #2-5!

  2. No problems. I really enjoyed reading it :) Yes it definitely is easy to miss great stuff on Noise-trade. What other music did you love during 2012?