Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Music ...

Now we are almost in December, thought that I'd take the time to write about my favourite music from 2012.    The shortlist for my album of the year is

Looking at the list closely; its clear music in 2012 has been brought to you by the letters L and O.

Earlier in the year I tweeted that the best of these were Overcome, Open Your Doors and Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut, the other albums banging on the door are Glen Hansard's Rhythm and Repose and Matthew Perryman Jones' Land of the Living.  I'll post an order shortly, but those five records are ones which I will hear as fresh in five years as I do now.

As I usually do in my end of year lists I've excluded EPs - otherwise The Longing would be quite high up my list; and as Season One contains music from 2011 this is also excluded from my list.  But all of All Sons and Daughters music is worth buying.  I have also excluded Heavyweight (Rachael Yamagata) which is worth a listen - you can download a sampler of Rachael's music from Noisetrade.

Another album which I have downloaded but haven't listened too properly yet is Derek Webb's CTRL (an acoustic version), which sounds like it will also be pretty good.

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