Sunday, December 21, 2014

Page-turners for 2014...

So, I actually haven't read a whole lot this year, but what I did read packed a punch.  The most influential book I read was Tara Moss' debut non-fiction book 'The Fictional Woman'. (It's challenged me to read more books with strong female lead characters, and looking to read more books written by women. Who tells the story matters. The book has also made me think critically about the books I'm reading my son.

Mark Isaacs book about what is/has been happening on Nauru made for depressing (but essential) reading.  

Two very different books were Victoria Williamson on the Psychology of Music, and Addie Zierman's 'When We Were on Fire' (just a brilliant memoir about growing up in the church). 

Bully for them - ed Fiona Scott-Norman, was a fascinating collection of stories from famous Australian's about ther experience of being bullied at school. 

I have read a few books highlighting the 'Gillard years' - Bewitched & bedevilled: women write the Gillard years - ed Samantha Trenoweth, and The Stalking of Julia Gillard - Kerry Anne Walsh. I highly recommend reading both, whatever you thought of Prime Minister Gillard at the time.

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