Thursday, January 15, 2015

Out of the Dust - Lead me through [Review]

I actually don't know how I came across Out of the Dust.  I have a feeling it was on a compilation I downloaded from Noisetrade.  Out of the Dust are a husband and wife duo, that remind me of 'All Sons and Daughters' and 'Jenny & Tyler'. Their music features beautiful harmonies, and brilliantly encouraging and challenging lyrics.

What has really spoken to me about their music is how honest it is. The album has six songs, which powerfully remind the listener that God is with us in our darkest nights guiding and leading us.  God is restoring us to himself and each other.

You can read the story of how God worked in their lives here, and their trust and reliance on God is clearly evident in their songs.  The songwriting is the clear highlight of the album.  Each song builds on that message. My favourite is 'How to Love', which is a prayer that God would teach them to love. My favourite line is  'Even though we're broken hope is rising // From humility // Hand-in-hand we face this we are not A strand of two but three // We will overcome this  // Love is never too lost to redeem'.

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