Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sport shorts - ANZAC Weekend

Before I get into a few points from the weekends action can I just say I'm over seeing gambling adds on the official websites and during the game.  If people want to gamble, that's fine with me but the volume of advertising is excessive.


  • The Warriors go down fighting against the Storm. Hard not to be impressed with the Storm's ability to grind out results.  Next week's Dragons-Storm game should be a cracker, and now has top spot riding on it. 
  • Not a fan of players announcing they are changing clubs mid season. Something needs to be done about that. 
  • I'd also been keen to see a player draft, but not sure that's likely. 
  • As a friend of mine says, the ladder look better if you turn it upside down. 
  • The Swans lost again, now 0-5 for the first time since 1993. If they can string a few results together they are still a chance to make the eight, and if they do that who knows how it could go.  
  • At the moment the two most impressive teams are the Giants and Adelaide, You can't forget Richmond and Geelong (who along with Adelaide remain undefeated).  We will get a better handle on Richmond after they play Adelaide next weekend. Geelong are just amazing, they keep unearthing great players and their fourth quarters are super impressive out scoring their opponents 191-38.
Super Rugby
  • Still amazed at the Hurricanes-Brumbies game. I looked at the score just after halftime, and it was 21-14 to the Brumbies. I was staggered the final score was 56-21 to the Hurricanes. 
  • Super Rubgy is a hard competition to follow, with a weird structure, and with changes a foot for next year which are just taking forever to be finalised. Australia and South Africa are apparently going to lose a team but we are waiting for the final announcements. 
  • I am an Arsenal fan, so I'm delighted to see the Gunners make the FA Cup final, where they play Chelsea.  It's been a frustrating year supporting the Gunners so this is a chance to salvage something from the season.  
  • Messi. I've run out of words for how good he is. Just a wonderful goal in the Classico this weekend. The win means Barcelona are a chance to win the La Liga title (It does rely on Real Madrid dropping points though). 

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