Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sport shorts - June 4


  • The Swans had a bye this weekend. I guess that is a good thing. They've got a tough game against the Bulldogs on Thursday night.  After the last up loss to the Hawks, they do need a win. 
  • On the field, West Coast were disappointing in another away loss (this time to the Gold Coast).  The Giants are now on top of the ladder after an impressive win against the Bombers. 
  • Unlike last year, I think we still may see movement in the top eight, though the top four are slowly becoming more fixed. I suspect Richmond will swap out for Port Adelaide, but GWS, Adelaide and Geelong look fairly settled. 
  • Another week and another loss of the Warriors. The Warriors still have yet to win a game outside of New Zealand.  
  • On the Origin, was surprised by the performance of New South Wales. Will be interesting to see how they go in Sydney in the few weeks, and it will be intrigued to see how Queensland approach selecting the team for game two. 
Super Rugby 
  • Not much has changed in the playoff picture.  The Crusaders remain unbeaten and are probably favourites for the title now. 
  • Australian teams are 0-23 against their NZ opponents this season. Not that I'd read anything into that, but its an interesting stat.
  • The Lions have touched down in New Zealand and won their first match 13-7. Hard to read much into that seeing as they virtually went to the ground from the plane.  Tomorrow's game against the Blues will be more revealing in terms of how the Lions are travelling. 
  • The Stanley Cup final series is underway with Nashville taking on Pittsburgh.  Its now level at 2 games a piece.  Hoping to see Nashville win, but we'll see
  • The NBA finals are also on with the Golden State Warriors 2-0 leaders at the moment in a best of seven series.  The Warriors are one impressive team, will be interesting to see if they close the deal this year. 

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