Saturday, October 07, 2017

Sporting shorts - October 1 #Finals four.

So with that the football season is over.


  • While the Crows were the best team all year. Richmond were better on the day and deserved Premiers. Their first since 1980.
  • Congrats to Melbourne, deserved Premiers. I have to say that Bellemy deserves great credit for continuing to find great players. 
  • The Rugby League World Cup starts this month, so there's more Rugby League before the seasons over. I expect the Australian teams to dominate the men's and women's tournaments.
  • One thing I have appreciated in the coverage of the Baseball I've been watching was the place of women in calling the game. In Australia we have women providing comments or as hosts. I think we could do better. There are women who could be part of the commentary team and call the game. The game would be better for it. 
Hard to know what to do with this series now the football season is over. While I do love cricket, it's just not the same. I will try to get into the A-League this year. I expect Sydney has to be a good chance to go back to back.

The other big story is Australia´s World Cup qualification. Australia are playing Syria. The tie is level at 1-1. I expect Australia to win, but it would be an awesome story if Syria was able to win the tie. 

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