Monday, September 25, 2017

Sports Shorts - September 24 - Finals #3


  • So we've got a Crows-Tigers final.  For me the two best teams this year have made it. I'm leaning towards Adelaide as they are the more balanced team, but I feel if Richmond get a good start (and Adelaide start slowly), it could be a different story. 
  • If the Cotchin incident had happened in the Home&Away season, I feel he would have got at least a fine. That said, I'm glad he's playing in the Grand Final. 
  • On the Brownlow. I want the journo's to ask the 'WAGs' more than just what they're wearing. I think Dustin Martin will win, and poll more votes than Dangerfield. 
  • It's the Cowboys and Storm. The Storm are raging favourites, being the best team all year.  But you do have to admire the Cowboys, knocking out the Sharks, Eels and Roosters just to make the Grand Final (and doing it all without Thurston). I think they'll be saying a big thank you to the Bulldogs, who's last round win against the Dragons got them into the eight. 
  • I think the Storm will win, but won't mind of the Cowboys win, They'll be the first, first grade premiers who have won a grand final after finishing eight. 
  • The Matildas had another win against Brazil.There is just something awesome about how they approach the game, and the joy they play with. They're certainly my favourite Australian sports team at the moment. 

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