Monday, September 18, 2017

Sporting shorts - 17 September - Finals #2


  • Tough end to the season. I thought Geelong were more of a chance than most people. But I feel the Sydney didn't really offer a shot. I guess after playing over month of elimination finals the players were heading for an off night. 
  • GWS were ruthless in dispatching West Coast. Hard to tell whether the result was more about West Coast running out of puff or GWS. 
  • Was disappointing to see the number at the GWS-West Coast game - a touch over 14,000 in a 21,000 seat stadium. 
  • Was sad both games were over by half time, hoping next weekend's games are closer. 
  • Our Preliminary Finals are Adelaide v Geelong and Richmond v GWS.  We'll know the effect of the pre-final bye this weekend.  
  • Both games are fairly even, but I'm hoping for a Adelaide v Richmond final. But I'd be equally happy if Geelong wins (just as long as Adelaide or Geelong win the Grand Final). 
  • Well, for this neutral, there's nobody left to support. If I have to pick anyone to cheer for it will be the Cowboys. 
  • Brisbane played well, especially seeing they suffered a few injuries, 
  • I can't help but feel Parramatta felt the effects of their close loss to Melbourne. 
  • Our Preliminary Finals are Melbourne v Brisbane and Sydney v North Queensland. I suspect we'll see a Storm - Roosters Grand Final, but we'll see. 
  • Convincing win by the All Blacks against the Springboks this weekend. The 57-0 win was a record margin for a test between the two nations. 
  • The Wallabies won the first test in this Championship with a 45-20 win against Argentina in Canberra. 
  • I'm getting hungrier for a test between England and New Zealand. England are the best placed challenger to New Zealand at the moment. It's a shame we have to wait so long to see them play. 
  • The other highlight from the weekend, was the 15,000 strong crowd who watched the Matilda's 2-1 win over Brazil. The crowd was larger than the Giants - West Coast crowd, Very impressive. The two teams play another game in front of a sell-out crowd in Newcastle on Wednesday.

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