Monday, September 11, 2017

Sporting shorts - September 10 (Finals 1)


  • The talk of the weekend for me is the coaches criticism of the referees. I think we have to be harsh on coaches public criticism of the referee.  No, the referee didn't cost you to the game. I certainly think that we need be mindful of the impact criticism from coaches influences players in junior sport.  We need referees, It's a tough gig. Read this piece here from Richard Hinds, makes some great points. I'm glad both coaches have been fined. 
  • On an old hobby horse, but a couple of decisions made me think we should just remove technology from the game, a decision gets sent to the bunker, who then rule "Referees Call". A Goal-line review in the AFL is declared Umpire's Call. Let's keep the theatre of sport and let the on field referees make the call. Yep, I'm sure they'll get some wrong, but I can live with that. Just like I have to live with it when my team gives up a 16 point lead.
  • On the field wins to Melbourne (in a tough one against Parramatta), Sydney City, Penrith and North Queensland.  Next week sees Brisbane host Penrith, and Parramatta host North Queensland). I'm expecting Brisbane and Parramatta to win those games. Though my heart would love to see Penrith win (sorry Andrew). 
  • The buzz is about the Richmond Tigers, who won the first final in ages, and qualified for the Preliminary Final. It does seem they gained an advantage with the game being at the MCG. I know its an economic decision, but I'd love to see Geelong play their finals in Geelong. Yep even their final against Sydney next week. They earned a home field advantage, but I don't think they got it.
  • The Port Adelaide - West Coast final was something else, extra time, then a goal after the siren to steal the game.  Who knows what West Coast can do, now they've won a final.  I'll be cheering for them against GWS. 
  • The two games next weekend, Geelong - Sydney and GWS - West Coast.  I'd put the chances of a Sydney - GWS Grand Final at about 20%, but we'll see. 
  • Next week, I'm expecting GWS to win and hoping Sydney wins. 
  • I was one of the 46,000 people at the Swans-Bombers. A record crowd at the ground (in it's current configuration). Was a great atmosphere, though I did hope for a closer game. About quarter time I noticed everyone standing at taking pictures of the crowd. When I looked closer, it was because our Prime Minister - Malcolm Turnbull was there.
  • New Zealand have qualified for the Intercontinental play-off, where they will play the fifth ranked South American team, currently Argentina (eek). 
  • Australia also qualified for the playoff in Asia, where they will play Syria. If they win that game they will play the fourth ranked team from the North America and Caribbean, currently USA - but I expect that will change - and either Honduras or Panama will await. 
  • The qualified countries now number eight. Hosts Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Iran, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia. 
  • I'm looking forward for the start of the Champions League this week. Hoping the tournament throws up a few surprises and we have a new winner. 
  • Australia won the second test, and drew the series with Bangladesh. Lyon was super impressive with the ball, and Warner with the bat.
  • The other notable fact is James Anderson taking his 500th Test Wicket. He had a shaky start to his career, but has improved out of sight. Read this piece here

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