Monday, March 12, 2018

Sporting shorts - Round 1, 2018

Rugby League
  • The NRL started this weekend - and surprise surprise there are a few upsets with the Tigers and Warriors both getting up for wins. Melbourne started off well, and it was great to see the Knights get up too.  I do feel their the team most likely to surprise everyone this season.
  • The Warriors managed to win their first game in Perth (from nine attempts).

  • While we are still waiting for AFLM to start, the women's competition has been great. Five teams are in the running to qualify for the Grand Final. The five teams are Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, Brisbane, Adelaide, and GWS. The two key games are the Bulldogs v Melbourne and the Lions and Giants. I suspect the Bulldogs will play Adelaide in the final. But we'll see, it has come down to three live games. Here's what each team needs to do to make the final
  • I won't read too much into the form of teams during the trails, so yes we won two games, but I'll wait and see how they go in their season opener against West Coast.
  • Have to say I'm really enjoying the 'Don't Believe in Never' campaign tied to the season launch. Some really wonderful stories in the campaign.

Super Rugby
  • The Hurricanes and the Blues both had really good wins. I've been enjoying see the form of the (Melbourne) Rebels too.  

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