Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sporting shorts - No. 9


  • So we're nine rounds in, and the Warriors have won seven games, defeating the Wests Tigers this weekend. I guess I have to now consider the possibility they might make the top eight, especially seeing as they are sitting second.
  • After their win today I'd say St George are now my favourites for the competition. Their performance against Melbourne was super impressive
  • Interesting to note the teams ranked 4-10 all have 5 wins, so its seeming like a fairly even competition. 
  • Another loss at home - disappointing, but still this time last year we were 1-6. No, I don't blame the umpiring, we were beaten by a team that took their opportunities. No, I don't think Longmire should be sacked. The Swans are still a way off their best, and need to be more consistent in their performances.  Well done to North Melbourne, not many had them in their eight at the start of the year. 
  • I feel for winless Brisbane, they've played pretty well and had a few really close losses. Today's game (against Collingwood) was great - at half time the combined 20.3 they had kicked was the most accurate in VFL/AFL history. 
  • Richmond are super impressive - and firming as favourites in a fairly even season. 
  • GWS is an interesting case - while a team full of incredible talented individuals they haven't seemed to become a team
  • Not a fan of the Goal Review system. Seems unclear when and how it is used. They also seem to be getting to many decisions wrong. 
Super Rugby
  • Another week, and another impressive win for the Jagaures in New Zealand - this time against the Chiefs. The Jaguares are 7 points behind the Lions in the South African conference, but have the same number of wins. Currently they will qualify for the finals
  • Was very surprised to see that the Blues beat the Waratahs, hopefully its a sign that the Blues are turning the corner.
  • Hard to know what to say about the A-League Final. The Video review system wasn't up and running for a critical decision. It didn't cause Newcastle to lose the game, but it does make you wonder, if we are going to use technology it needs to be working properly. I'd rather it out of the game completely, but I'm old fashioned like that. 
  • Champions League final decided - Liverpool  v Real Madrid - can't wait for it.. 
  • Still on soccer - the Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona should be a classic. Barcelona have won the league, but are closing on the first ever undefeated season in the history. On paper - this is the toughest test in the four games they have left.
  • Amazed that Yorkshire defeated Essex after being bowled out for 50 in their first innings.  Just another reminder that anything can, and usually does happen in sport. 

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