Tuesday, May 01, 2018

What I'm in to - April

So, time for another monthly update. The highlight of the month was going to Brisbane to visit my sister-in-law and her family. Was lovely to see all of the kids play together and get away from it all.  We had a lovely day at Wet n Wild and Movieworld, visiting the Queensland Museum. It was great to have the energy to do everything. Another highlight was taking the kids to the ANZAC Day service and seeing how much they took in.

So other than Brisbane, what have I been up to...

Currently working my way through Clementine Ford's Fight Like a Girl and Rebecca Solnit's 'The Faraway Nearby (about stories and story-telling). Both have been slow going, mostly because I just haven't made the time to do it.

This month I've been listening to Hillsong's new album - 'There is more'. I've found the lyrics to be immensely encouraging. The standout tracks have been 'Who You Say I am', 'The Passion', and 'Remembrance'. The album certainly has a number of beautiful songs to help draw us near to God. I am always impressed with both the vocals and writing of Brooke and Scott Ligertwood

So, one of my guilty pleasures is The Voice. So I was so glad that it has started again for the year. I love the concept of singing to the back of chairs and being judged by the voice alone. Yes, I suspect it is more complex than that but that's the theory.

I find each the story each contestant has fascinating. They all come on the show for different reasons, doing something for themselves, proving something to themselves. Sad the number of stories involving bullying at school. As a viewer, the back story certainly impacts the likability of the contestants.

I've been working my way through the blinds and a few have stood out - Oskar Proy (who sang a traditional Spanish folk song); Tayla Thomas (who sang Let it Go) and Zoe Tsagalis  (who sing Liability - Lorde).

I love the coaches this year - I don't know Joe Jonas' music but he's been good value as a coach; I've always liked Delta as a coach too, her love and passion for people and music comes through. But I miss Keith Urban, I think he's been my favourite coach on the show.

The other show I enjoyed watching was Employable Me. It was a really moving show too, about people and their battles.


I've also been trying to spend a little bit more time writing. It is a way I can process what I'm going through and the crazy messed up world we find ourselves in.

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