Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sporting shorts - No. 8

Feels like yesterday when I last wrote a sport post. That's probably because it was.. Anyway, so back to the on field action.


  • So the Swans won. Mostly off the back of a sensational last quarter. Kennedy, Sinclair, and Jones were huge. Hard to believe, but Geelong have lost three of their last 21 games in Geelong  - all to Sydney.  
  • Not a fan of the Goal Review - feel like it made another blue, gifting Sydney a goal. 
  • West Coast continue to impress, though there real test will be winning in Melbourne and particularly at the MCG. 
  • Really surprised by the Cowboys this year. Had them in my top four. Feel its hard to expect Thurston to just go straight back to his best, but the other players haven't really stood up. 
  • Melbourne's performance against the Warriors showed why they are probably the team to beat. 
  • Thanks to the Eels - the Warriors stay in the top four. 
Super Rugby
  • The Hurricanes had a good win over the Sunwolves in Wellington.  
  • Special mention to the Jaguares and Reds who had upset wins over the Blues and Lions respectively. It means the Reds possibly could sneak into the playoffs if the Rebels and Waratahs drop a few more games. 
  • I watched a little bit of the A-League Semi Finals - the Victory deserved their 3-2 win against Sydney. Was lovely to see Terry Antonis score the winner after he was responsible for an own goal in the 95 minute which leveled the game. I will be cheering for Newcastle next weekend, hosting the Grand Final for the first time.
  • Brings me to my next point, I love that the A-League have decided that the highest ranked winner in the Grand Final hosts the Final. It means regional teams can get to host the most important match of the season. The two approaches to a Grand Final that I like the most, are an NFL like model were cities host it in turn, determined at the beginning of the season. Which means the game will move around the country. Alternatively I like the model of the highest ranked winner hosting the game (at their home ground). 
  • For the A-League, if a suitable stadium is built that doesn't host Union, AFL or League, maybe they could get permanent rights to the game. Though I don't see that happening.  
  • Anyone know when, and why, Australia moved to a Finals Series as opposed to the first placed team winning the competition? 

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