Wednesday, April 04, 2018

What I'm in to - March 2018

So, Easter has come and gone, and its now April and time to reflect back on March.

I've actually done a little bit more reading this month. I've finished Tracey Spicer's book The Good Girl Stripped Bare, and started Clementine Ford's book Fight Like a Girl. Both are challenging reads in the sense that they open my eyes a bit more to what its like to be a woman in today's world, and for that reason, I'd encourage you to read them both. 

Really haven't watched much TV this month.  I'm waiting for The Voice to start again. I was disappointed with last season and hoping this year will be an improvement. I finally got tired of My Kitchen Rules, finally became tired of the manufactured villains, especially seeing as they are almost always creating conflict between two women, and seem to ask people to play roles. The other detraction is I never get to eat the food they cook.  I'll still watch Masterchef when it starts, because at least it is just about cooking food. Yes, I know I still can't eat the food they cook.

I've listened to a lot of new music over March - Andrew Peterson's Resurrection Letters, December's Sisters and Brothers, Isobel Knight's The Nest, Katie Herzig's Moment of Bliss.

The Resurrection Letters - Prologue is a wonderful and moving reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

December's Sisters and Brothers is filled with beautifully written songs, and it also includes a cover of U2's 'The First Time'. I really love 'The Battle for Your Sacred Heart' and '1963'.

Speaking of beautifully written songs - One Day by Christa Wells has really been nourishing my heart. The lyrics speak to the season I'm walking in almost perfectly.

It’s hard to sing when you’re crying
Hard to leave when you’re tied down
It’s hard to sleep when you’re fighting
For your life like you are right now
There’s only so much more you can stomach
Though it’s more than you thought
And you only keep moving
By the grace of God

You’re doing one day
One breath
One prayer
One thing at a time
One word
One step
One hope
In a coming light
Don’t try to swallow the ocean
Keep doing one day
Til one day you’re free

You could escape in a daydream
But you’d wind up right back here
Up to your waist in the maybes
No use hiding on the back stairs
Hear the peculiar voice in the forest
Calling open the doors
It’ll take a few battles 
To win this war

Oh, I see you laughing on the other side
Where the walls have tumbled and the flowers grow wild
Oh, I see you laughing on the other side
With your broken heart under open sky


The song is available through i-tunes, and the EP it's on will be released later this month.  Having already listened to the EP - I can tell you to rush out and buy it.  Christa's songs are beautifully moving.

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