Monday, April 16, 2018

Sporting Shorts #6,2018

  • St George are the real deal. If the keep all there players fit they are a good chance to be there Grand Final Day. 
  • Disappointing performance from the Warriors this weekend. Hoping they are switched on for their next assignment  against the undefeated Dragons.  They certainly need to be more switched on than this weekend. 
  • The Tigers had another good win against Manly.  I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of  booing my own team as the Manly fans did this weekend. I get its frustrating paying to go to the game, paying for food, and it seems the players haven't turned up. I am just not sure you'll make the players feel any worse about their performance.  
  • I have to admit I find it strange we are preparing for a test between New Zealand and England in Denver in June. It's an odd location and odd timing.
  • I think things are starting to take shape for this season - aside from West Coast, who are probably the surprise packet this season the top four are more or less who you expected to see there - Giants, Richmond and Hawthorn.  The eight is rounded out by the Swans, Port Adelaide, North Melbourne and Geelong. 
  • The top six are all now 3-1 with Port Adelaide's loss to Essendon.
  • North Melbourne and Geelong are the two I'd say most likely to drop out. Not going to through a prediction there about who will replace them. 
  • The Hurricanes had a really important win against the Chief's and still sit on top of the NZ conference.  The Rebels still qualify for the playoffs now - we'll see how this takes shape over the next few weeks. 
  • I've been super impressed by the Commonwealth Games, or the little I've watched.  Another highlight was the inclusion of the para-athletes events in the main program
  • Apparently six countries won their first ever medal at these games British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Dominica, Vanuatu, and  St Lucia 
  • The other highlight for me was Malawi, who finished seventh in the Netball Competition, but beat New Zealand along the way.  The standard of the competition was stronger than in previous years, and was won by England in an upset too. 
  • I still think this article nails it - sport is about sooo much more than just winning. Though winning is important, its certainly not the only thing

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