Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sporting shorts - No. 7

A little late this week, mostly owing to family holidays, but it has also been an odd week. The AFL Round lasted almost a week with games, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday (ANZAC Day), and the League started their eight round on ANZAC Day.


  • Off the field, I'm glad the AFL went with a daytime final, but its a matter of time before that changes. I'm also keen on the idea of seeing different games on ANZAC Day, or even seeing a second game in the evening. 
  • I prefer the NRL approach of starting the round with the ANZAC Day game. I know its hard given ANZAC Day fell on a Wednesday this year. 
  • Onto the on field action.  I don't mind a draw. Every game doesn't need a result. But again if you decide that every game needs a result, then there should be points awarded on the full time score, and a point for the final winner. 
  • Didn't see the Swan's game, but what I read it sounded like we let Adelaide get away, and almost chased them down. 
  • Impressed with North Melbourne this year. They and West Coast are the surprised packets so far. 
  • Have to admit, I've lost track of where things sit. I know the Warriors had a good win against St George, then got smashed on Wednesday by a red hot Melbourne.  Melbourne led by a solid 38 at half time. 
  • The Tigers are still impressing me, and the Panthers are living up to their potential.  It's not the eight I predicted at the moment, but I really don't mind. 
Super Rugby
  • Not much has changed since last week. The Waratahs were held scoreless for the first time in Super Rugby (by the Lions). 

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