Thursday, June 14, 2018

What I'm into - May

Winter is now here - so it is time to for another post about what I've been up to during May. The highlights for me have been spending a little bit of time at school reading with some of the kids in H's class. That has been so much fun. It's also great adding something more productive into my schedule every few weeks.

I think that's one of the struggles I had last year not feeling like I had achieved anything in the day other than sleeping and watching TV. The biggest change comes from walking H to school on Monday to Wednesday which means I'm actually up and out of the house (and can't stay in my pajamas). Helping out in the church office for a few hours each Monday has also helped me feel like I'm accomplishing something in the day (and then if I do sleep during the afternoon, I can at least say I did something in the morning).

The other big thing that happened during May is that we (really F and her parents) changed around our house - getting bunks for the kids and also swapping some furniture between rooms.  The changes have increased our usable space, and certainly helped our mental state :)

As I've said elsewhere the treatment cycles have been harder this month, but I'm getting there.

Finally bit the bullet and saw The Last Jedi. I quite enjoyed it. Though I don’t have the same enthusiasm for the new film Solo. Will see it when it makes Netflix or my Fetch Movie box. I am aiming to see Ladybird next.

Haven’t really read much I’m still working my way through Fight Like A Girl. To be honest, I’ve found it hard work. Particularly because it reinforces how much I don’t have to deal with because I am a man. It’s equally confronting to read what life is like for women. I will finish it though, it’s important to read books like this.

I have book about the impact of technology on kids which will be interesting to read.

I’m also really looking forward to reading Rachel Held Evans new book about the bible.

I have been watching a little bit more TV recently.

My guilty pleasure has been the voice. To me, no one has really stood out. I loved Ben Clarke but was eliminated last week. He was an opera singer and sang a beautiful version of Come What May and This is the Moment.  I know at this stage of the competition it’s more about taste than talent, as they are all talented.

I’ve been enjoying Masterchef too, I think what I love about the show is that while it is a competition the contestants are more supportive then combative (like MKR). It’s also interesting this year because one of the contestants is a local. We don’t know her, but I’ve certainly seen her around.

The other show that has been great to watch is Back in Time for Dinner. Just a wonderful look back in time and surprising in how much has changed (and how little too).

Needless to say, the next month will be taken up by football :)

Spent a lot of the month in U2’s catalogue. So much of their music is the soundtrack to my life. I really enjoyed listening to some of there current US tour. Really love that they’re playing none of the Joshua Tree and really love that they are playing Acrobat.

I love the narrative of the show and the bold choice to end with 13 (There is a light). While I have hope the show will make it to Australia. I feel it most likely won’t.

Anyway that’s all from me for now.

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