Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sporting shorts - No. 24

Well another really big weekend of football is over. I had planned to watch at least some of it with Hamish. While he decided that other things were more appealing the results were a a healthy reminder to be a gracious winner. He has decided to choose the Wallabies and Giants as teams to support. Can understand both decisions, but it does make it hit home that when my team wins I need to be gracious, and when my team loses not to be too upset or to talk too much about the referees.

All that said, I should get back to the on field action.

Bledisloe Cup

  • I’ll begin with the Rugby, it’s the sport which is the most significant to me. 
  • It was a pretty impressive performance from the All Blacks. Made slightly easier by the inability of Australia to control their own line out ball. 
  • Was so lovely that it was a doubleheader, as the women’s teams played before the men the NZ women won by 33-11. I think that makes sixteen straight wins to New Zealand. 
  • The second Bledisloe cup test is in Auckland next week, with a third test to be played during October in Yokohama. 
  • In the other Championship game, South Africa defeated Argentina by seven (31-24)
  • The Warriors were defeated by the Bulldogs 26-27 in Sydney. While they will still stay in the eight it’s not the result I hoped for.
  • With two games to go, I think the top eight is set. Positions in the eight may change but I can’t see the Tigers sneaking in. 
  • Lovely to see Newcastle win, and the result means they’re unlikely to finish with the wooden spoon. 
  • Aside from the Warriors, finding it hard to locate a team I want to win the Grand Final.
  • Have to admit, that I was surprised by the Swans win in the derby against the Giants. The result means that the Swans will almost certainly play finals, and a win against Hawthorn next week may mean they will finish the season in the top four.
  • I’m not reading too much into the Hawks tough win against St Kilda. They will be up for the game against us, and given our home record this year, I think I’d prefer the game in Melbourne. 
  • Richmond are minor premiers, and still my favourite to win the grand final. 
  • I guess Sydney could spring a surprise, but I’m not overly confident they will. 
  • Awesome to see Melboune make the finals, I read for the first time in twelve years. If we don’t win the flag, I’ll be cheering for them. Or maybe West Coast. 
  • We’re now two rounds into the new English soccer season. I’m not panicking that Arsenal have lost to both Chelsea and Manchester City in the first two games of the season. Hoping to better results to come. 
  • The other exciting thing is that the Spanish League are interested in holding games for points outside Spain, would love it if England did the same thing. 
Davis Cup
  • Never really thought I’d be saying this, but I kind of like the changes to the Davis Cup competition. If it means more of the big name players play in the competition, it’s a good thing. 
  • I wouldn’t made if they made the teams need to include one male and one female player. 
  • I feel that competition will add to the tradition and history of the sport.
Think I’ll leave it here. 

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