Friday, August 31, 2018

What I've been in to - August

This month's 'What I'm in to'is being written at North Shore Private hospital. I was admitted this week to have a tumour removed from my brain. The surgery went well. I will spend this coming weekend in hospital to recover.

As I've written elsewhere - I'm so very thankful for our health system, and the people working in it. I'm relieved the operation went well even if feeling a little sore and tired. I'm so very thankful to have so many wonderful people walking along this road with me.

What I've been reading
August has been quite a productive month for reading. I've mostly read non-fiction books:

  • Lizzie Marvelly - 'That F Word Growing Up Feminist in Aotearoa' 
  • Brene Brown - 'Braving the Wilderness'
  • Austin Channing-Brown - 'I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness'
  • Kon Karapanagiotidis - The Power of Hope
  • William McInnes - Fatherhood
  • Richard Glover - Flesh Wounds
  • Titus O'Rielly - A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport
  • Erin Loechner - Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path
  • Rebecca Solnit - The Faraway Nearby
Of the above, the highlights were Kon K's book The Power of Hope, Titus O'Rielly's book on sport, and Lizzie Marvelly's book about growing up feminist in New Zealand.  I recommend everyone reads Kon's book, a really powerful and moving book. Titus O'Reilly's book details the place of sport in Australian society. Lizzie's book details feminsim in New Zealand (and I extrapolate probably Australia too).  It's saddening to read, because it highlights the lived experience of so many women in our world. 

What I've been listening to
On my playlist through August has been Wildness (Snow Patrol) and a collection of Christian songs that we sing at church.  September will see me dig into U2's music, as they are back on the road again. Still sad there is no Australian tour, but can kind of understand why it is difficult to come to Australia/NZ/Africa and Asia.  I'm also digging into Bon Jovi because one of my their best albums 'New Jersey' will turn 30 this year.  I haven't got tickets, but I'm still thinking of seeing Bon Jovi later this year if seats are available. Even though they won't be the same without Richie Sambora they can still write a great tune and out on a great show. 

On the music front, apparently Pearl Jam may have a new album coming out. They're another band I'd love to see. I'm also tempted by Phil Collins who is touring early next year. 

Keen for recommendations too if anyone has some :)

What I've been Watching
Just a few here, even though it has been sad, I've enjoyed watching 'Call the Midwife'. Thanks to Jen Carrick's recommendation I started on Suits. Just the pilot to date, but I might watch more tomorrow (Editor's note, perhaps sleep through rather than watch, can't blame the show though ;))

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  1. Hello! Snap! I just wrote my month's update too! Hope the hospital food is better than I remember!!