Thursday, February 07, 2019

What I've been in to February

So, have I been in to over January. I've been in to a range of different things.

Thinking  about books - I have not really been into to much. I have been meaning to read Julia Gilard's My Life; Hilary Clinton's Happened. At the moment I've also been quiet tired so I have not really been able to read much.

On the Television front, I have tried to watch a bit more. This month I've watched David Attenborough's The Planet and The Planet Two. It is a really wonderful series. Showing now awe-inspiring the planet really is.

Other than the documentaries I watched the thriller 'You' and a recording of Bruce Springsteen's musical 'Springsteeen'. I really loved how he told his stories through songs.

Springsteen is a great story teller and I just love listening to him speak.

You was very different. It was a thriller, and creepy to watch. The premise of the show is the book store employee who finds a customer  attractive and then plays 'God' in following her so
he can date her (in the mean-time criticising her choices as being needy or crying out). I certainly felt uncomfortable in the lead actor's shoes).

Will try and watch a little more TV this month.

Not a lot of music news - I'm enjoying listening the Rescues new song 'Hold On'. Other new songs this month have been by Radiohead, The Killers, Glen Hansard and Sarah Masen.

The Killers song is their first overtly politiacal tune. Hoping that new music means the bands will hit the road...

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