Tuesday, February 05, 2019

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Doing a little more of a sporting update, The highlight of the weekend so far has been the start of the Womens’ AFL Season the opening game is now 23-23 between the Magpies and Geelong Cats with about 7 minutes to go. Looks like it will be a great season if that star is anything to go by. I thnk Geelong ended-up winning a really tight one. 

It is easy to get fatigue of the Big Bah, when you don’t know where and when the games are played or how many are left.

Back  in to the Test Series  and hardy surprising that Australia is in a fairly dominate position. Would be intrigued in that stats surrounding enforcing the follow-on. Not so log along it seemed that you did enforce the follow on whenever you got the chance, but Australia didn't this time, and it certainly didn'r hurt them. 

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