Friday, March 27, 2009

The Daily Me

I'm quite a fan of Nicholas Kristof, and really liked his op-ed talking about how we read the newspaper - how when we go online we often act as 'our own editor, our own gatekeeper. We select the kind of news and opinions that we care most about', and conversely we don't read much that we don't agree with.

Its easy to do too, as with my Google Reader, I can bring all of my favourite columnists to one place and just read them. I also liked his solution: no not the Tax breaks for liberals who watch Bill O’Reilly or conservatives who watch Keith Olbermann? ;-) But rather, "the struggle on our own to work out intellectually with sparring partners whose views we deplore".  Sounds like good advice to act on, to try to learn from people we disagree with.

Updated - here's another linik to his blog on the op-ed above.. interesting to look through the comments..

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